Miracle Son Whom Doctors Suggested Should Be Aborted Saves Mom's Life


A New York mother who was encouraged by doctors to abort her baby 30 years ago has now received a life-saving kidney from the very son who may not exist today had she listened to the medical advice.

Long Island resident Evelyn Bowens was 35 when doctors informed her that she had a weakened cervix, a condition that could lead to miscarriage or premature birth, the New York Post reported.

“My doctor told me to abort him because of the high risk and I said, no, I’m not gonna do it,” Bowens told WCBS-TV.

Doctors were correct in one prediction — Bowens gave birth at seven months to a baby that weighed just 3 pounds, 12 ounces.

Bowens named her son Miles, and although he spent the first weeks of his life in an incubator and required surgery to remove hernias before he was a month old, he grew up to become a healthy man. And when his mother’s health began to fail, Miles ended up being the miracle she needed: a match for a kidney.

“The miracle of this whole thing is, I had a high-risk pregnancy, and they told me to get rid of Miles,” Bowens, now 65, told the Post. “If I had gotten rid of my son as a baby, I wouldn’t have this kidney.” More


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