Signs in the Sky: Very bright fireball over Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil


According to Watchers News, a bright fireball was recorded streaking across the sky over the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil at 01:35 UTC on July 8, 2018.

The object was reportedly visible for several seconds before it disintegrated in a bright flash. "It is possible some pieces survived the entry. However, even if something did manage to survive, it's at the bottom of the ocean now," Watchers News said.

The fireball was seen by residents of Mossoró, Areia Branca, Assú, Baraúna, Severiano and even cities in Ceará as Icapui and Russas said they had seen the light, according to EXOSS Citizen Science Project.

The International Meteor Organization has so far received 11 reports and one video:

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  1. In the last days there shall be signs in the sky..


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